New songs ensure that the old songs endure.

The Songs:                                              


My (Eric’s) folk songs are reflective song stories having an identifiable, beginning, middle and end, carried on simple but memorable tunes. Sometimes they are based on the discovered works of lesser known poets whose writings are amended and revised for metre and style with possible chorus or refrain additions. Every effort is made to contact all originating poets for approval, those contacted to date have been gracious and highly encouraging in their consent. Every originator is acknowledged on our recordings.


Other Basic song material is gathered from everyday events - contributed stories, news, jokes, minor asides, reading, people,  and the ordinary – there is nothing ‘new’, it is all a matter of my personal observations and interpretations of what I see, hear and know condensed into an easily identified, but simple song framework.  All the tunes are my own and are hopefully original, but I acknowledge that, with thousands of musical influences prevailing upon all our sub-conscious thoughts, it is possible that tunes or phrases can emerge as 'new', and not be so. 


Professional folk performers at home and abroad have recorded a number of my songs on their own CD’s:


'The strength behind Eric's song writing is that he conjures up the images and atmosphere of rural land and seascape. On ‘Farewell the Day’, he and Eileen sing with warmth, providing variety and pleasure to listeners of any age.' 

                                                   Martyn Wyndham Read


A superb collection of Eric's songs on a charming and enduring album - a joy to listen to'


                                                               Stan Graham


 ‘Truly excellent and evocative songs from a fine songsmith’

                                                    Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher   


 Eric's Song book called 'The Loiterer's Harvest' is available now and contains 80 original songs. It has some wonderful illustrations by Stan Mitchell.  - look at the news section for more details