New songs ensure that the old songs endure.
The Charities...

Our previous Charity -Macmillan Cancer Support   £2029!

Having started rehearsals for The Ancient Legacy play we heard that Vicky Williams who wrote the Final Song - 'And We Shall Dance' had sadly died of Cancer. Shortly after this Alan Johnson, one of our cast members, was diagnosed with Cancer.  Sadly Alan also died in 2017.

As a result, we thought it fitting to ask people to make donations to Macmillan Cancer Support instead of paying for the play programme.

The profits from our CD's and the book  also go to Macmillan.

More details of the fantastic work carried out by Macmillan Cancer Support can be found on their website at

We have also helped the following:


                                   Registered Charity No:326901.


Farm-Africa is a charity which provides livestock and seeds to families in Africa thus helping them to build a long term future without poverty and hunger.  The charity seemed  to be the perfect beneficiary for the proceeds from our CD 'The Last Furrow' which includes many songs about farming and rural life.

Acorns Children's Hospice, £1,183

Worcester....    Registered Charity No:700859


Along with other friends, Eileen and I were invited to sing at a memorial service for the families of children that had died during 2005/6 who were supported by the Acorns Hospice Childrens Charity. It was a very touching event. It made us realise what a fantastic job they do at the Hospice in caring for terminally ill children and their families. We decided to donate the proceeds from our first three CD's to them.Money raised was to go towards the building and maintenance of a new local Hospice.The good news is the Hospice is now completed and in use. Any further sales of these CD's goes directly to help with the day to day running of the Hospice. 



The Chernobyl Children Life Line... £407


We first discovered this charity when close friends Paul and Kate Dobson became a host family for C.C.L.L. They had two wonderful Belarusian girls to stay with them for a month.

The charity was set up to support the thousands of children from Belarus who have been affected by Radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl Nuclear explosion in April 1986. 70% of the nuclear fallout affected Belarus. Thousands born every year go on to develop bone cancer, thyroid cancer and leukaemia.


The charity provides local support to the families affected. Also each year they bring child victims of the disaster to the UK for recuperative breaks of  one month. 46,000 children have been to stay with host families in the UK since 1992. Their time here, where they can access healthy and safe food products away from contamination, has  proven to increase their overall life expectancy.



We thought this was a brilliant charity and decided to support it with the sale proceeds from our new CD.



Over £4,000 raised so far...... for these charities!

This year we will be fundraising for the Samaritans - £440 so far!!