Folk From The Fold

‘Folk From The Fold’ – A new initiative!

‘Folk From The Fold’ now replaces ‘Fold Theatre‘. We now We now have three ‘shows’ available to book – ‘A celebration of Autumn and Harvest” and “A celebration of Winter”. Also ‘newly available” is the beautiful, uplifting ” The Man who planted trees” Please see details of each show at the bottom of this page.

For organisations looking to book an event, we can provide you with other themed evenings such as The farming year, etc. Alternatively we can bring you a more general, lively evening of folk songs ,stories and music. We are keen to support Charities – so if you are fundraising please get in touch.

2024 bookings

27th September – The Man Who Planted Trees along with Shepherd’s Purse and Julia Davies at Tarrington Village Hall.

19th October – A celebration of Autumn with Folk From The Fold at Bosbury Village Hall.

The Shows- The Man Who Planted Trees.

The wonderful poignant story of Elzeard Bouffier was written by Jean Giono about an imaginary, but wholly believable shepherd. The story compares the tree planter , the earth husband to the makers of war. At the same time it shows us all that is best in man’s relationship with nature and his fellow man.

Eric and Eileen have taken this uplifting story, and added some beautiful songs and harmony singing to the story. The audience on the first night were spell bound! …….comments included -“That was so uplifting”, “What a fantastic story”, Everyone should see this it’s inspirational!” The show lasts for 35 minutes and can be combined with one of the other shows or a set of songs and tunes to make a complete evening.

“A celebration of Autumn and harvest” is a show of poems, readings, songs and tunes on an Autumn / harvest theme. As with A Celebration of Winter , this show also lasts about an hour and we can combine it with other material to provide a full evening’s entertainment. The show is available now for Autumn bookings.

” A Celebration of Winter” is a beautiful collection of songs poems and readings on the theme of Winter performed by our cast. The ‘show’ lasts for an hour and is now available for winter bookings at your club, village Hall or other venue. We can also provide a complete evening’s entertainment consisting of a ‘show’ and a first half of songs and tunes.

If you are interested in booking ‘Folk From The Fold’ or would like to have a chat about your requirements please get in touch via the Contact Us page.