CD sales

And here’s a taster of one of the songs “Jonny O’Shea”……we hope you enjoy it!

We also have three previous CD’s available at £10 each (plus postage and packing). All profits go to charity. To order a Cd please go to the Contact Us page and send us your details. We will contact you to arrange payment.

‘Another Working Day’

A CD featuring Eric and Eileen along with the late Alan Johnson, Steve Minett, Malcolm Myatt and Mitch Reynolds. 

  Review Comments…“Another exceptional album of self penned songs from  a master of word and melody.  From start to finish you’ll   be enchanted by the stories and images Eric paints.  The album is well produced and all the musicians have done an excellent job, complementing Eric & Eileen’s strong vocals. This can only be described as a real gem of a CD.    I enjoyed every minute! “      Stan Graham (Magpie Music)                                                                                                                                         

Another Working day is £10 with all profits going to Macmillan Cancer Support.


  1. Another Working Day:  Payne
  2. The Trinity Lightship: Payne
  3. Joe Weaver: Payne
  4. Barrow Girl: Payne
  5. Poppies Payne
  6. Soldiering On: Payne
  7. Cockle Pickers: Payne
  8. Ghosts: Cushman-Leach / Payne
  9. Wayfarer:  Cliffe / Payne
  10. Dewpond Makers Payne
  11. Immigrants: Payne
  12. Ore Mines:  Payne
  13. Boatmen: Payne
  14. Norman Turner: Payne
  15. Ploughmen: Compton /Payne
  16. Chimneys: Payne

Farewell The Day’

This CD was for the benefit of the Chernobyl Children’s Life Line . Sixteen tracks of Eric’s songs, many sung in harmony with Eileen. We are joined by local friends and musicians Vanessa Chaplin (fiddle) Paul Dobson (whistle) Bob Dovey (harmonica) and Steve Minett (Clarinet and melodian).


  1. Memories
  2. England on the Lee
  3. George
  4. Wild and Free
  5. Farewell Trawling Time
  6. Common Soldier
  7. Staveley Coal
  8. Wasted Years
  9. Island of Luing
  10. Sea Dog
  11. Grandfather
  12. For Those who Went Away
  13. The Wheatfield
  14. The Valiant Bell
  15. Mariquita
  16. Farewell the Day

Farewell the Day costs £10 with all profits now going to The Samaritans as our current charity.

Yan Tan tether. Shepherd’s Purse.

Our first Acappella CD with our trio Shepherd’s Purse

  1. Praise be to the Shepherd.   Geoff Wyatt
  2. Scatter your Crumbs.   Crowquill / Langston.
  3. Lochranza Mike Bailey
  4. Crossing the bar.  Alfred Tennyson
  5. Three Jolly Rogues of Lynn.    Traditional
  6. The Dock and the Nettle.    Mark Ashworth
  7. Coal Town Road. Keith Marsden
  8. Somewhere along the Road. Rick Kemp
  9. The Baobab Tree. Eric Payne
  10. Molly Metcalf. Jake Thackery
  11. What you do with what you’ve got. Si Kahn
  12. North Wall.   Dave Evardson
  13. England on the lee.  Alan Cunningham/ Eric Payne
  14. Celtic Blessing Traditional
Three Jolly Rogues!
Coal Town Road Keith Marsden

Yan Tan Tether costs £10 and all profits are going to the Samaritans.