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'Folk at the Fold' Data Protection Policy and Privacy statement - with regard to the Data Protection Act  1998 , the GDPR and as amended by future legislation.

1.     We are exempt from registration with the Information Commissioners Office under the legislation as we only process data for domestic / recreational reasons (section 36).

Additionally we are also  exempt as a small club which runs on a not for profit basis.

2.    We adhere, however, to the principles of the Data Protection Act and aim to follow best practice for managing information.

3.     Data is processed and controlled only by Eric and Eileen Payne – club organisers.

4.    Email marketing. (Regulation 22)

What we store and why:

We store electronically a list of email addresses for the purpose of contacting  those who wish to be informed of the events / activities of the club.

We maintain a list of individuals who have signed up to receive our monthly folk club reminder.

       With regard to your data and privacy our policy is to:


      Electronically store only your name and email address.

      • Your data will be stored only with your explicit, written consent based on a clear understanding of how it will be used.

       • Store your information with the specific purpose of informing you of our monthly club evenings and other club events.
• Occasionally we will pass on information to you from other local clubs about folk events which may be of interest.
• We will NEVER pass your information on to any other organisations.
• We will not reveal your email address to others when sending out club emails.
• Data is only held for as long as is reasonable, and our lists will be reviewed on an annual basis. We aim to keep information held about you up to date.
• If you request that your email address is removed from our list we will do so immediately. Requests to do so need to be via email or a form available from the club.
• The data is held securely by the club organisers and we take all reasonable precautions to protect it from loss or misuse
• The list is kept on the organiser’s personal computer and is password protected.
• Any security breach will be reported promptly to those affected.
• Anyone listed is entitled to see the data held about them on request and you can ask for amendments to be made.
• A copy of our full data protection policy is available on request or can be viewed on our website.

5. Online – Website

What we store and why:

Our website is purely to provide information about Folk at the Fold, Fold Theatre productions and Eric Payne’s song writing. There are no social media aspects to the site. No personal data is included and there is no social interaction or shared data.


A simple enquiry form asking for Name, Email and Phone Number is included on the site  for the purposes of contacting us.


If you use this enquiry form  your data is covered in the same way as previously described in our  email marketing data and privacy policy.


In addition:

·      If your request only requires an immediate response your data will be deleted following our response, unless you request to be added to our mailing list.

·      Telephone numbers are not retained unless this is requested.


Our policies and procedures will be reviewed further as required.